Our Technology

Our team members have a research background from some of the best universities in the world (Stanford, MIT, Cambridge, Brown, TU Munich). This knowledge, state-of-the-art research, and the latest breakthroughs in computer vision and deep learning enabled us to develop a unique and patented technology.

How does it work?


Presize is a White label solution, seamlesly integrated directly into your webshop. We insert a custom designed "find my size" button on your product detail page.

With just a few lines of code and zero IT capacity, Presize is easy to integrate in any shop system (through Google Tag Manager) and still GDPR compliant.

Learn more about integration
Learn more about integration


We ask users about their height, weight, age, and gender. This helps our algorithm to give users who decide not to record a video a size recommendation. If users record a video, the questionnaire data is used to initialise the 3D model generation to decrease the calculation time.

Video Scan/3D Model

The 3D models we produce in the background are our key to offering the most accurate solution on the market.

We are currently improving the aesthetics and plan to show them to users in 2021 unlocking unseen visualization options.

Body Measurements

We extract up to 30 body measurements according to ISO standards. Everything from ankle to neck.

With our technology, we gain body data insights and learn how the end customer really looks like.

Size Recommendations

Our algorithm is constantly learning from transactional data. Combining the knowledge about every body measurement with the knowledge of whether that user kept or returned a certain product in a certain size is extremely powerful. We get to a per-product level, even if we have no product data at all except a generic size chart.

Our detailed fitting info can tell you exactly how different garment sizes fit different parts of your body.

Data engineering

We combine and augment multimodal data from several sources and constantly acquire new labelled data every week to improve our algorithms.

With our Hyper Support we automatically scrape the website for sizing charts and product information and integrate it into our database.

Our initial product data requirements are very low. Generic size charts are sufficient to give accurate size recommendations, while past returns from similarly shaped users help us improve future size recommendations. Any additional data further improves our results.

Hyper personalization

The Size-ID is the key for the end-user’s perfect fit. It is anonymous, shareable, and does not require user registration – we simply store the data up to 90 days within cookies. Alternatively, the user can register to keep their ID forever. Your recurring customer base will continue to expand as users are guaranteed the perfect fit every time. Understandably they get frustrated when they go to select their size for a product they like, only to find it unavailable. With Presize, you can choose to display only those products where the shopper’s size is available and shoppers can even order products for their body shape. We provide you access to unprecedented, hyper-focused retargeting options based on user bodies.

How far we’ve come

When we built our first prototype in 2018, we had to wait an hour for a result and it was off by more than 8 cm on average. That changed completely thanks to years of trial and error, massive data collection efforts, research breakthroughs, continuous effort of some of the best people in the computer vision domain in the world, and (honestly) a tiny bit of luck. Today we are at 1.1 cm MAE across all measurements and are carving off a few millimetres per month with continuous RnD.

Learn more about our accuracy

Competition Benchmarking

*MAE: Mean absolute error (for measurements)

Learn more about our benchmarks

Integrating with Presize

Size Recommendation Solution

The size assistant directly integrated on your fashion online shop

How to integrate
Body Measurements Solution

Your virtual tailor for MTM, workwear,
fitness, and more

How to integrate

How to integrate?

Size Recommendation Solution

Download the Presize Size Recommendation Solution integration document here

Download integration document
Step 1

Automated Hyper Support

Our Hyper Support allows us to automatically scrape Sizing and Product data. We automatically scrape and extract necessary product information from your product detail pages – there is no need to provide us with detailed product data feeds. If the brand's sizing charts are available on the website they will also be scraped automatically. Importantly, we want to highlight that there is zero effort from your shop required to integrate with Presize.

Step 2

Optional: Provide internal product and sizing data

In addition to step one (or as an alternative to it) you can provide further data as outlined below. Note that this is completely optional.

Presize uses up to three types of data to produce a size recommendation: Product data, Sizing data, and Transactional data. While Product and Sizing data is a necessary prerequisite, Transactional data is optional and can help to improve the recommendations over time.

Data Type

Minimum integration data

Ideal integration data

Product data

List of available products

Excel files, JSON files, CSV files that contain ID, Name, URL, Gender, Category and the available Sizes for each product. If your shop uses sizing data for different fits, please also include the Fit.

Daily updated feed as CSV/JSON via URL

CSV: Provide a feed as CSV via URL that contains the product’s ID, Name, Gender, Category, Brand, Collection, Price, Fit, URL, Image, Sizes, Measurements, Material and Stretch. Again, if using per-sizing. JSON: Export the products as a list of JSON files with the ID, Name, Gender, Category, Brand, Collection, Price, Fit, URL, Image, Sizes, Measurements, Material and Stretch.

Sizing data

Sizing charts in any form

Excel files, JSON files, CSV files that contain ID, Name, URL, Gender, Category and the available Sizes for each product. If your shop uses sizing data for different fits, please also include the Fit.

We like to take machine readable data (Excel files, JSON files, CSV files) over images, but for a limited number of charts even images are okay.

Sizing charts as CSV containing all available sizing data

Provide us the sizing charts as CSV files in the following format, named after either the product, brand or category of the associated products.

Transactional data

Exports of order and return data

We encourage you to provide transactional data that we can use to improve the recommendations over time. Any machine-readable file that contains the information about Order, Product, Size and Status is sufficient.

Daily updated transaction data feed as CSV/JSON via URL

Provide a transaction data feed as CSV via URL containing the Date, Order, Product, Size, Status, Reason, and Comment fields and notify us or agree upon intervals in which the feed is updated on your end.

For in-depth information about our data integration requirements, please download and view our integration document here.

Step 3

Simple Integration

We are able to effectively integrate on every website and are independent from your individual shop system. We offer a Direct Integration and an integration through the Google Tag Manager (GTM). These two options have different advantages.

GTM: We can test independently in preview mode, which results in less back and forth between stakeholders

Direct Integration: Best possible loading time for Presize, as there is no delay due to GTM and Presize is not blocked by adblockers or content filters

Step 4

Integration on staging environment

After the integration passed our internal QA tests, you can test everything before it is moved to production.

Step 5

Go Live!

Congratulations! From now on, you will have more conversions, fewer returns, and higher customer satisfaction.

Download the Presize Size Recommendation Solution integration document here

Download integration document

How to integrate?

Body Measurements Solution

Download the Presize Body Measurements Solution integration document here

Download integration document

Your Virtual Tailor for MTM, Workwear, Fitness & More

With our rapid integration it takes only 30 minutes to set up our body scanning software all by yourself.

You will get a URL and a QR Code that will lead your users to the scanning application. You can put this on your web page, for example. Then you can log in to your dashboard and see the body measurements of all your customers that have been measured. An email address or a Size-ID can be used to associate scans with orders and customers.

For insights on our rapid integration, download and view the Presize integration document.

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