Size Recommendation Solution

The best size recommendations you will ever get. By combining product data and shopping
behavior, we can give size recommendations that people buy (+50%) and keep (+50%).

Shopper journey features

Integrate seamlessly on any product page

Presize opens within your shop as an overlay

User interface adaptable to your brand language

Optional Video scan enables optimal adoption rate. Alternatively, users can answer body shape questions. Learn more

High accuracy with every clothing within seconds

Size recommendation that users trust and buy. 98% of your visitors don't buy, 24% due to size uncertainty

Advanced fitting information adds context and reduces returns

Shop owner dashboard features

Track improvements in returns rate and conversion rate due to Presize for each product & category along with ROI, usage, and user trust

Gain insights about the body types of users that keep or return for size-related reasons for each product

Quickly enable and disable supported products

Handle billing & invoicing all in one or set usage limits

Pricing plan

Monthly performance fee

We only charge you a share of additional net revenue that would not have been generated without Presize​


of successfully generated additional net revenue (after returns)​

No setup fee, no integration fee, no upfront costs, no fix costs​

AB tests to determine monthly additional net revenue generated by Presize​

Guaranteed ROI (min. 8x): no financial risk for shops – if Presize fails to generate more net revenue it costs nothing ​

Minimum contract term of 6 months – allows our algorithm to adequately learn from returns ​

Net revenue without using Presize

Net revenue with Presize​

Additional net revenue generated by Presize​

What Presize costs you​

X% of additional revenue

Success stories


BREDDY'S developed innovative pants and is a pioneer in the sustainable apparel industry.


For a young company like BREDDY'S a high return of investment in every area is important. Also the quality of size recommendations must be high enough to reduce BREDDY'S returns in the long run and thus protect the environment. This was relevant due to the high environmental awareness of BREDDY'S customers.





tons of CO2 saved


Carl Gross  produces and distributes suits and menswear in 20 countries worldwide.


Since Carl Gross delivers to over 20 countries, returns are a big problem for the company. In addition, returns are particularly annoying in the luxury segment, as customers are very unlikely to order again if they receive the wrong size.



adoption rate


increased basket size


Club of Gents offers its male customers business clothes and suits in high quality.


Nobody wants to receive a suit that does not fit properly and will certainly not buy a second one from the store that suggested them the wrong size. The right size is of maximum priority for Club of Gents customers.



increased retention rate


grams of CO2 saved each return


Tom Tailor is one of Europe's leading fashion brands and is represented in over 30 countries and at 9800 points of sale around the world.

Tom Tailors range includes clothing and accessories for men and women of all ages in the mid-price segment. The company distributes its products through the wholesale and retail segments. The Tom Tailor umbrella brand is available in more than 400 of the company's own retail stores and through its own online stores. In addition, the brand is distributed via around 180 franchise stores and 2400 shop-in-shop spaces.

At the moment we support 97% of all Tom Tailor products.


s.Oliver ships up to 3 million fashion items every week. They also employ 6,100 people in over 40 countries worldwide and own 8000 fashion stores.

s.Oliver delivers to customers all around the globe. As a large family of companies, the Group combines different lifestyles, which are expressed in seven brands. A once tiny retail store has grown into one of Europe's 20 largest fashion companies.

We are live on the s.Oliver iOS App and support most of the products there.


Keller Sports is a leading online store for premium sportswear that is more of a platform than a pure multi-brand store.

Since its founding in 2005, Keller Sports has become the leading digital premium provider of sports services, products and proprietary content with premium membership as a core element. For millions of people in Europe, Keller Sports has become the first choice for products, content and services for an active life.


Krüger Dirndl is a specialist for high quality Bavarian fashion including Lederhosen and Dirndl with stores all over Germany.

The traditional costume label Krüger Dirndl stands for authentic, modern and high quality designs. In addition to a brilliant look, quality and a perfect fit are the top priorities for all three brands of the Krüger umbrella brand. The Krüger collections "Madl, Collection and Buam" each cater for a different taste and style.


SHAPE ME is the leading German multi-brand eCommerce retailer focused on male and female shapewear.


A size which is less than perfect is certainly returned in the shapewear industry. The balance between loose and too tight is slim: a size too small can make it difficult to breathe and a size too large does little to meet its functional purpose.



conversion increase for Presize users


less size related returns

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