Size Recommendation Solution

The best size recommendations you will ever get. By combining product data and shopping
behavior, we can give size recommendations that people buy (more conversion) and keep (fewer returns).

Shopper journey features

Integrate seamlessly on any product page

Presize opens within your shop as an overlay

Optional Video scan enables optimal adoption rate. Alternatively, users can answer body shape questions. Learn more

High accuracy with every clothing within seconds

Size recommendation that users trust and buy.
97% of your visitors don't buy, 24% due to size uncertainty.

Advanced fitting information adds context and reduces returns

White Label Customization Options

Customize the sizing app to match your webshop’s design. We allow changes to formal/informal tone, visual asset style, and CI fonts and colors.

Customize the sizing app button to fit your webshop. We allow changes to the button design, placement, text, styling and tooltips.

Customize the size recommendation interface to fit your brand. We support recommendations for multiple items, vouchers, CTAs and multidimensional sizes.

Shop owner dashboard features

Track improvements in returns rate and conversion rate due to Presize for each product & category along with ROI, usage, and user trust

Gain insights about the body types of users that keep or return due to size-related reasons for each product

Quickly enable and disable supported products

Handle billing & invoicing all in one or set usage limits

Pricing plan

Monthly performance fee

We only charge you a share of additional net revenue that would not have been generated without Presize​


of successfully generated additional net revenue (after returns)​

No setup fee, no integration fee, no upfront costs, no fix costs​

AB tests to determine monthly additional net revenue generated by Presize​

Guaranteed ROI (min. 8x): no financial risk for shops – if Presize fails to generate more net revenue it costs nothing ​

Minimum contract term of 6 months – allows our algorithm to adequately learn from returns ​

Net revenue without using Presize

Net revenue with Presize​

Additional net revenue generated by Presize​

What Presize costs you​

X% of additional revenue

Selected partner shops and supported brands

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