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Leading brands and retailers trust in Presize

Vero Moda – A leading fashion brand for young women in Europe​

The brand is an icon of women's apparel. Not only is design essential, providing the perfect fit to its customers is a must. With the help of Presize, Vero Moda benefits their stunning designs with a best-in-class online user experience by recommending the perfect size. Along with the customers’ happiness our solution increases their recent yearly online revenue of

>€80 Million

Eterna – High-quality shirts and blouses since 1863​

Being one of the oldest and most renowned German fashion producers, Eterna is a leading brand for shirts in Europe. Collaborating with Presize on their journey to new heights, Eterna can now provide online shoppers with shirts of excellent quality in the perfect size. Presize not only gives accurate size recommendations, but also advises the ideal sleeve length and Eterna shirt fit (slim/modern/regular/comfort). Reducing size uncertainty in this way helps grow the brand’s yearly e-commerce business of

>€9 Million

Krüger Dirndl – Modern design meets traditional fashion

For more than 50 years, Krüger has sold traditional Bavarian clothing to customers worldwide.​ As the online shopping experience for this apparel category is new for many consumers, Presize's role in eliminating all size uncertainty by giving accurate size recommendations for “Dirndl” (traditional dresses) and festive leather pants is crucial.​ The need for right size advice knows​

no category limits​

Keller Sports – Innovation leader in sportswear e-commerce​

One of Europe’s leading multi-brand sportswear retailers, Keller Sports partnered up with Presize to provide their customers with a user-friendly tool to navigate the different sizes and fits of their many brands and products. Comparing real body measurements with the brands’ product data gives Keller Sports the unique opportunity to give accurate size recommendations in their

multi-brand store

Pfundskerl XXL – Fashion beyond the classic size charts​

Pfundskerl XXL is a leading e-commerce store of plus-sized menswear in Germany.​ Thanks to Presize's computer vision technology, Pfundskerl XXL can finally answer their customers' request and provide sizing recommendations prior to purchasing. ​For the first time, you can now try on clothes with Presize in

sizes up to 14XL​

Waschbär – A forerunner in sustainable fashion for decades​

Sustainability has been a central topic for Waschbär since its foundation in 1993 – long before it received global awareness. As part of Waschbär's sustainability strategy, Presize helps reduce unnecessary size-related returns by recommending the correct apparel size. This allows Waschbär to effectively reduce size sampling and​

reduce CO2 emissions


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