Yarn & You achieved zero returns and 100% fit satisfaction ?

Yarn & You achieved zero returns and 100% fit satisfaction ?

September 15, 2020

About Yarn & You

Yarn & You offers high-quality merino pullovers that are tailored to the exact body measurements of its customers. The founders had worn suits as "workclothes" for several years - tailor-made. In their search for sweaters, chinos, and casual shirts that fit just as well as tailor-made suits, they did not find anything. Thus they decided: If no one offers tailor-made casual wear, then we'll do it ourselves. Yarn & You, founded in early 2019, started in the German-speaking market and is currently expanding into other European countries.


In order for Yarn & You to be able to produce made-to-measure pullovers, reliable measurements are required. Each and every one of these body measurements must be correct for each customer. Even minimal deviations mean a high loss of quality and comfort. In the premium segment, avoiding returns is particularly important. Finding a solution which offers these features was Yarn& You’s challenge as they realized that manual self-measurements are not a viable option.

Yarn & You was also keen to make it as easy and intuitive as possible for customers to navigate through the online shop and order their pullover. The conversion rate should be maximized and retargeting should be possible while having a smooth and frictionless user journey.

Easy and fast integration was also critical due to the time schedule of their launch. No time was to be wasted as without getting the body measurements the shop would not be operable.


With the help of Presize's technology, 30 measurement points are correctly captured in each individual scan. As a result, customers receive high quality garments made specifically for their individual body measurements and do not have to worry about sizing and fitting.

Through good user experience without the need to download an application, the conversion was maximized- from the product selection to the completion of the order. The integration thus acts as a natural part of the ordering process. The customers only need to turn around once in front of their smartphone to receive the tailor-made pullover. In addition, the customers enter their email address even before the measurement process, which simplifies retargeting if the order is cancelled after the scan.

The dashboard provides an overview of all measurements

The integration of Presize took only 30 minutes. Directly afterwards the dashboard was accessible for Yarn & You and customers could be scanned. Yarn & You got a URL that they put on their page which led users to the scanning application. During scanning every user was asked for an email address, which serves to identify them when you look their measurements up on the dashboard, after a scan is completed.



Returns so far


Conversion increase


Reduction in textile waste due to on-demand production

„We received a lot of praise for how easy and intuitive the measurement of your own body works in our shop and how well it is embedded in the rest of the ordering process. In short: Our customers are thrilled!“    

Kimani Michalke
CEO & Founder Yarn & You

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