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Top 4 reasons for an internship in a startup – insights from Presizers

August 3, 2021

Free drinks, kicker sessions after work and a cute office dog are the main reasons to work in a startup, aren't they? Admittedly, some of the best-known stereotypes about the everyday working life in a startup are true but they should certainly not be the main argument for pursuing an internship at a startup. We have asked four of our interns and working students what they like most about their work at Presize and why they would recommend an internship at a startup to others. A high learning curve, impactful work, diverse responsibilities and a low  hierarchy are only a few of the aspects stated. Interning in a well-known corporation or institution also offers lots of benefits such as a defined hierarchy with broad career development and diverse networking opportunities. Depending on one’s individual goals, for many an internship in a large company could therefore be the best option. Nevertheless, applying at a startup should definitely be considered, too. Find out about our 4 top reasons for an internship in a startup – and at Presize.

1. Learn and contribute at the same time

Interning in a startup means one thing above all: learning by doing. In the fast-paced startup cycle it is required that every employee truly adopts the philosophy “fail fast, learn fast and build fast." In doing so, it is important to take responsibility from Day 1, to bring in your own ideas and to push them forward. Learning is virtually preprogrammed!

Hear what our working student Magdalena, who is working on Inbound Sales and Customer Success Management, has to say about learning opportunities and taking on responsibility at Presize:

“The special thing about an internship in a startup is that you can take on a lot of responsibility straight away and therefore have a much higher learning curve than in large companies where, in the worst case, you only stand at the copy machine as an intern. At Presize, for example, I am solely responsible for all our Body Measurement Solution customers – even though I am only employed as a working student. I would have never had the chance to do that at a big corporation. As a working student or intern, you are given a lot of trust at Presize: you have the opportunity to make many suggestions, implement them and see how it turns out. Furthermore, learning has its own importance at Presize: What you choose to learn during your time as an intern at Presize will be considered a central part of your work!”
Magdalena, working student in Inbound Sales and Customer Success Management

2. A new job every day

Startups usually don’t have entrenched structures and have a flexible work approach with a lot of cross-disciplinary work. Unless you have a certain position and belong to a specific department, you get the chance to work on various projects together with people from different teams and to therefore not only get to know the products and DNA of the company, but also to learn something new in a wide variety of areas.

Benedikt, previous intern and now working student in Customer Success Management, tells us what motivates him to work at Presize:

„What motivates me to open my Presize laptop at the beginning of the week? It's guaranteed to not be boring! When you work at Presize, you get the opportunity to work on a wide variety of tasks and topics. You benefit from the unique startup culture, so you don't just stick to your own area, but are constantly engaged with all departments – from Measurement Engineering and Tech to Product Management and UX Design to the Sales Department. Whether it's dealing with strategic topics, 3D scanning or testing new features – even as an intern, you're on board. Like this you get the feeling of being part of something new and exciting!”
Benedikt, working student in Customer Success Management

3. Make an impact at work

In a startup, you are not just a cog in a wheel, but you are given the opportunity to take on responsibility from the very beginning, which is also reflected in the product itself – you truly get to see what you do! But interning in a startup that develops an innovative technology, such as Presize, does not only allow you to have an impact at your workplace, but also on the industry and on society.

Our former Deep Learning intern Balamurugan feels the following about making an impact at Presize:

“What I particularly like about being an intern at Presize is that I get the chance to work on a product that impacts our clients, end-users and the planet every day, which is very motivating! We work in a positive way on a problem that impacts society; reducing returns and making fashion eCommerce more sustainable by reducing carbon emissions. Furthermore, we empower people to feel better by finding their perfect size and therefore being dressed in the best way. And we contribute to building a new trend in the fashion eCommerce: Allow customers to buy fitting clothes online despite no physical try-ons.”
Balamurugan, Deep Learning intern

4. Learn with the best

Last but not least, working in a startup means to be part of a small but fast-growing network of inspiring people and to have a close relationship with your coworkers. Compared to big corporations, startups are known for their low hierarchy: Ideas are valued regardless of your position and you get the chance to work directly with the founders.

Hear what Amy, previous intern and now working student in UI/UX Design, has to say about working at Presize:

“What I love about Presize is that it attracts talents from all over the world: Being an intern therefore allows you to learn a lot about different cultures, people and religions. Furthermore, we have a unique startup spirit with a personal, open atmosphere in which lively exchange takes place. And that from the intern to the CEO – without hierarchy getting in the way! So even in remote times, it's no problem to integrate well. Even before the pandemic, we had Presizers who came from South America or Africa, who you got to know just as well, even if they've never been to the office. The fun and informal exchange in many lunch and coffee breaks is not neglected either – after all, some of the best ideas are generated away from the actual work!”
Amy, working student in UI/UX design
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