Presize's accuracy evolution

Presize's accuracy evolution

September 15, 2020

Many different companies are already excited about our accurate body measurements. But how accurate are we really? What are we doing differently than our competition? Can we back up our talk with facts? We will explain the history of our personal mean average error and how we conduct our benchmark tests.


Many body scanning companies report their accuracy on a cherry-picked data set that only contains data produced in a lab environment (perfect lighting, perfect clothing, perfect posture, perfect background, etc.) or report stats like “98 % accurate." This might be great for marketing, but it doesn’t say anything about the actual maturity of the technology and commercial viability. Sadly many companies who need an accurate body measurement solution fall victim to those tricks and in the end receive unreliable measurements because the real measurement accuracy is way off the communicated data. With so much unclear reporting and tricking with KPIs, we decided to do the exact opposite and openly communicate our real MAE. None of our competitors show their benchmarking process transparently.


Of course we didn't start at our current MAE (Mean Average Error) of 1.2cm. Our first MAE in May 2018 was around 8 cm. A good start but not enough to provide the same service as a tailor measuring by hand. At the end of 2019 we reduced our MAE to 2.5 cm. Despite being a young company, through a lot of trial and error and by choosing the right technology we were able to outperform companies who have been working on this for many years and have now reduced our MAE to1.2 cm. We even directly compared our MAE to our competitors in another benchmark test with astonishing results.

Mean absolute error in cm from 2018 to 2020

MAE Benchmarking

We clearly defined how we evaluate and chose a benchmarking approach that we consider valid and reliable – using real world videos from users and comparing to manual measurements according to ISO 7250 standards, taken by professional tailors. Additionally, we use the exact same input data when comparing to accuracy of competing solutions. We consider MAE (Mean Average Error) the most important KPI due to its possible direct comparison to the best measurements since humankind existed: measurements by hand from a professional tailor.

Who uses your body measurement solution?

Our body measurement solution is used by many different companies. Often they are workwear companies that want to save a lot of time and money by making try-ons a thing of the past. Another big customer bracket are tailors who provide made-to-measure clothing and take all measurements of their customers by hand. On the one hand they use Presize to expand internationally due to the fact that measuring a customer who resides in another country by hand is quite the challenge. On the other hand they get more efficient in extracting body measurements without taking any manually.

Make use of Presize's accuracy

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