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Not just another "Our company is so diverse" blogpost

March 1, 2021

Everyone is mentioning the buzzwords "workplace diversity” and “global teams”. Companies are increasingly trying to enhance their workplace diversity – open to all genders, ethnic backgrounds, races, religions, sexual orientation, etc – and geographically disperse their employees for good reasons. But it is difficult to achieve this goal in practice and to go beyond the “diversity matters” wall tattoos. With Presize being one of a few truly diverse and global companies for different reasons, we want to share our experiences. In this post we’ll review Presize's workplace diversity and discuss the potential benefits for other businesses worldwide.

Diversity at Presize

The team behind Presize consists of 25 employees as of today and is continuously growing. We combine tech and business talents from over 14 countries and have a share of over 30% female employees – which is high in a predominantly male driven tech sector, but we are still working hard to increase it. It is common to hear a mix of Russian, Urdu, German, English and Spanish in our office. Usually the Engineering teams of software startups are the most internationally diverse, but this is not the case for Presize. At Presize every team is highly diverse – whether its Product, Engineering or Business. We value diversity in origin, academic background, thought and many more. We are furthermore a truly global team: our company is based in Munich and some of our colleagues work remotely in other countries such as Brazil and Egypt. Since we are a data-driven company and focus on impact, we want to share with you some direct consequences of employing a highly diverse workforce.

Our personal top 5 benefits of being a diverse and global company

Our top 5 benefits of being a diverse & global company

Higher innovation

Diversity in the workplace unlocks creativity, new ideas and innovation – which is especially crucial for the success of young, technology-based companies like Presize. According to new research, inclusive companies are 1.7 times more likely to be innovation leaders in their specific segment. In a diverse workplace, employees are exposed to multiple perspectives and backgrounds. When these perspectives combine, they often come together in new ways which boosts innovation.  In fact, diverse teams see a 60% improvement in decision-making and a 2013 report by Deloitte shows that when employees feel included, innovation increases by 83%.

Faster problem-solving

Companies with higher workplace diversity solve problems faster. Harvard Business Review found that diverse teams are able to solve problems faster than teams consisting of cognitively similar people. We experience this every day at Presize: our employees come from diverse backgrounds and have different experiences, views and problem-solving approaches, which is why our team can bring diverse solutions to the table. This enables us to quickly find the best solution to a problem and to generally overcome challenges faster.

More fails and learnings

Human beings like to fit in when they are in certain social groups. This phenomenon does not change at the workplace – there is always a certain amount of pressure to conform in ways of thinking and actions. A workplace culture which embraces diversity puts emphasis on helping all employees to feel included, no matter who they are or where they come from. This inclusiveness helps to break down barriers and reduces the fear of being rejected, ultimately encouraging employees to speak up, voice out-of-the-box ideas and to embrace failure.

Diversity attracts diversity

Diversity does not just look good, it is good. And who does not want to attract more good things? A diverse team allows a company to connect to varying communities – not only the one where you are located. Thus, your product is presented to diverse communities and your company attracts talents who appreciate diverse working environments. Beyond that, a national and international reputation of inclusion can go a long way toward building your standing, both in your industry and as a recognized brand.

High employee engagement

Workplace diversity leads to higher employee engagement. Deloitte conducted research that captured the views and experiences of 1,550 employees in three large Australian businesses operating in manufacturing, retail and healthcare. This research showed that engagement is an outcome of diversity and inclusion. The link between workplace diversity and employee engagement is pretty logical – when employees feel included, they are more engaged. At Presize we feel this: we have low employee churn and absenteeism, strong friendships between colleagues and a lot of engagement at our teambuilding events and in our just-for-fun WhatsApp group.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring 1 billion perfectly sized products to shoppers by 2023 to generate 7bn additional revenue (from prevented size-related returns) for our customers to save 500m hours (otherwise wasted returning) for consumers and prevent 500k tons CO2 emissions for the planet.

Our Recruiting

Diversity is deeply baked in the DNA of our company. When Leon, Awais and Tomislav founded Presize it was set up internally diverse (three different countries of origin) from the beginning. All founders are still involved in the recruiting process and try their best to hire the most diverse and ambitious talents globally. Check our open positions if this sounds like a working environment that you would strive in!

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