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Introducing QuickSizer: Get a size recommendation without recording a video

September 23, 2020

Good news for our users and customers. Presize introduces a new feature that allows anyone to choose between answering questions and using our video solution. If you were ever in a hurry or in a public place while using our product, then you know that sometimes recording a video is not an option. For this reason we are excited to announce QuickSizer – a new question-based way to get your perfect size. This doesn’t replace the video solution (which is still the way to go for an ideal result), it’s just an additional option for the users so they can easily choose their preferred way of getting the perfect size recommendation. It makes Presize the only holistic sizing solution on the market, offering size recommendations with questions and/or a video.  

Same sizing quality, more freedom of choice

As a part of our continuous product optimization we try to provide our customers and users with the largest possible value. QuickSizer provides this value by adding a question-based solution to our video scan. First, the shopper gives us their basic information as usual like weight, age, and height. Then, instead of being directed straight to our Video scan solution, as was previously the case, the shopper can now choose if he or she wants to use the video scan or if the questionnaire makes more sense for their individual situation.  

Our all-in-one solution

There are just two additional questions for men and three questions for women that have to be answered. The questions are simple and self-explanatory. After a short calculation time we will extract your perfect size recommendation. We offer the best possible size recommendation depending on the individual situation, preference, and body shape of the user. If they are willing to invest a bit more time and record a video, they will get the most accurate result and advanced size recommendation options. If they are on the go and only want to invest a few seconds, the question-based approach without video also gives them what they need: a fitting size.

This alternative leads to increased adoption and a better user experience.      

Presize’s solution to reduce returns

Presize helps shoppers to find their perfect fit. This leads to fewer returns and a higher conversion rate for our customers. With our state-of-the-art 3D and Deep Learning technology, we are able to recommend shoppers their right size for all apparel products on a particular shop. When we say we are the best, we are not just claiming it – we have proof.  We have proven to be more than 50% more accurate than the second most accurate solution in a benchmarking. With the power of our new feature called QuickSizer, we will be able to provide even more value.  

Enable your customers to make their perfect choice
Raban Siegler
Growth Manager
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