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How SHAPE ME customers can easily find their perfect size

September 15, 2020


SHAPE ME is the leading German multi-brand eCommerce retailer focused on male and female shapewear with an annual turnover of over 1 million Euros.


A size which is less than perfect is certainly returned in the shapewear industry. The balance between loose and too tight is very slim: a size too small can make it difficult to breathe and a size too large does little to meet its functional purpose. The perfect fit should sit close to the skin in order to provide a comfortable level of compression to achieve the desired body contour effect. As with most returned undergarments, much of it is disposed of or sold at a discount. Garment hygiene of course is an important point when reselling a return which makes the whole topic even more complex and expensive for the shop.

Positioned at the intersection of eCommerce fashion and technical clothing, SHAPE ME needed a solution which could effectively recommend their shoppers the right size.


After integrating with Presize, customers can now find the perfect size in less than 30 seconds without the need to manually measure themselves or order several sizes of the same product. The scanning application is aligned with SHAPE ME’s branding guidelines to create a seamless user experience which is demonstrated in the strong conversion rate.

Presize drives some of the most important elements of a business: company margins, customer experience, and environmental impact. The adoption of Presize's technology is not only economically advantageous, but also positively contributes towards the overall sustainability of the web shop by reducing the chances of return and potential destruction or chemical refurbishment of the garment.



Less size related returns


Conversion increase for Presize users

Help your customers get the perfect fit
Raban Siegler
Growth Manager
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