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How Hoffmann digitized their sizing and fitting process in workwear

September 15, 2020

About Hoffmann

The Hoffmann Group is a group of companies that is active in the trade and manufacture of tools, factory equipment, and personal protective equipment while being Europe's leading system partner. They serve over 135,000 customers in 50 countries and had an annual turnover of more than 1.4 billion € in 2018.


Hoffmann Group sales representatives and consultants for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) visit customers across Europe to equip workforces with fitted personal protective workwear. Unfortunately there is currently great inefficiency in finding the perfect fit – the sampling and individual measuring process for hundreds of employees on-site is very time consuming for both the sales representative and the customers.  

This inefficiency results in financial loss for both Hoffmann and its customers. Hundreds of customer employees need to get measured during their working time and interrupt their regular work. Hoffmann sales representatives need to travel to companies in over 50 countries consuming high amounts of precious time while accumulating high travel costs.


Hoffmann Group has developed and is currently leveraging Presize's technology that enables consultants to take each worker's measurements in just a few seconds by taking a smartphone video of each client. With this solution, Hoffmann Group aims to accelerate the entire sizing and fitting process without compromising on accuracy or customer satisfaction.

All measurements are as accurate as taken by a tailor

With Presize's application, Hoffmann has the possibility to completely digitize their fitting process without needing sales representatives to travel to each location. Hoffmann's customers can now speed up fitting process by just scanning their employees one time and then getting their perfect size recommendation. Since the individual measurements of each person are stored, after only one use customers never have to scan their employees again.  



Customer satisfaction


Manhours saved

“Leveraging Presize technology in our app has the potential to accelerate and improve the sizing and fitting experience for our sales colleagues and customers.”
Julian Sußmann
Director Business Innovation at Hoffmann Group
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Raban Siegler
Growth Manager
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