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BREDDY’S and the high ROI of Presize

September 15, 2020


BREDDY'S develops innovative pants that fit many occasions. One topic always had the highest priority during product development: sustainability. BREDDY'S is a pioneer in the sustainable apparel industry. Low water consumption, the renunciation of pesticides and genetic engineering are a matter of course for BREDDY'S. Due to this sustainability concept, returns are an important issue for BREDDY'S.


Reducing returns in the long term is not easy and can be very costly. For a young company like BREDDY'S, a high return on investment in every area is important. Nevertheless, the quality of the measure must be high enough to reduce BREDDY'S returns in the long run and thus protect the environment. This is relevant due to the high environmental awareness of BREDDY'S customers, as they want to avoid returns in the best possible way, not only because of the effort to bring the returns to the post office.

Since BREDDY'S sells its goods mainly through its online shop, a long integration was not an option. The solution had to be integrated quickly and immediately in a fully functional way to be available to BREDDY'S customers immediately.

Furthermore, the solution had to be seamlessly embedded into the ordering process from the user's point of view. A difference between the use of the external provider's application and BREDDY'S website should not be visually noticeable and should be completed in as few steps as possible.


Presize's body scanning software significantly reduced returns by recommending BREDDY'S customers the perfect fit for their individual jeans. Presize's solution guarantees a high ROI because you only pay for scans that lead to a successful purchase of a product. If the purchase process is aborted or the customer changes his mind there are no costs.

Different solutions for different customers

With Presize's White label solution the whole process was aligned with BREDDY'S corporate identity. The integration is therefore a natural part of the ordering process. The customer only needs to turn around in front of his smartphone to receive the perfect size recommendation. In addition, the customer enters his or her e-mail address before the measurement, which simplifies retargeting in case of order cancellation.

By simply copy-pasting a few lines of code via Google Tag Manager, Presize's software has been integrated and is available to BREDDY'S customers in a short time.





Higher conversions due to decreased size uncertainty


Grams of CO2 per prevented return saved

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Raban Siegler
Growth Manager
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