Always the right size.
Every product. Every brand.
With every online order.

Just turn around in front of your smartphone camera once.

Our Artificial Intelligence algorithms automatically create a 3D model of your body and match it to the best fitting clothing size.

For Web Shops

...suffering from the return problem

50% Return Rate

On average, every second order is sent back to the web shops by the customer.

75% size-related

Wrong size or bad fit are the main reason for returns.

Loss per return

15€ costs (logistics & value depreciation), 56€ missed revenue and 500g C02.

We offer the following benefits

Reduce Returns

Per return, 15€ costs and 500g C02-emissions are saved as well as 56€ additional turnover is generated.

Increased Conversion Rate

Many users cancel the order process because they are unsure about their size. Presize eliminates that uncertainty.

Minimal integration and follow-up effort

We use several automated data sources to record the dimensions of the clothes. No manual administration of Excel tables for the shop.

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For Users you always order the perfect size

Always the right size & fit

No matter which body shape you have - we will find the perfect size for you.

Shop faster

Measuring with presize takes one minute. From then on, you will always get size recommendations. No manual measuring necessary.

Avoid annoying returns

Returns cost time. Printing out and filling out the returns form. Re-packing the package. Going to the post office. Waiting in line for 30 mins. You can avoid all of this hassle with presize.

    How it works

    Step 1

    On the shop's website

    When the user clicks on a product he likes, he sees the "FIND SIZE" button next to the sizes he can select for the product.

    If he clicks on it he will be redirected to a web app.

    Step 2

    Scan your body with your smartphone

    Via a QR code or a short link, the user reaches a web app.

    There his size is determined in three simple steps:

    1.  Place your phone on the floor and stand in front of it
    2. Rotate once on your own axis
    3. Enter height in cm
    Step 3

    Always the right size - for every product

    From now on, the user will always receive a size recommendation on the shop's website.

    Optionally, the user can register and receive size recommendations on the next visit - without having to rescan.


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    The Team

    Awais, Leon and Tomislav met during their studies at the Center for Digital Technology and Management.

    Awais Shafique

    Product Wizard

    Tomislav Tomov

    Tech Ninja

    Leon Szeli

    Growth Guru

    Our Mission is..

    to simplify online shopping and make it more enjoyable by matching the best fitting clothes with the shopper's unique body shape.