What do I need to measure my body with presize?

A smartphone with a camera, a wall (or a friend) and fitted clothing (e.g. tight jeans and a tight t-shirt). That's it!

Do I need to get naked/download an app/help from a second person/special hardware?

No. None of these.

What if the user is on desktop?

You will get a QR code and a link which you can use to switch to your phone to record the video.

What about data privacy and GDPR?

We are GDPR compliant, since we ask for user consent. We don't store usernames or email addresses - we attach an anonymous ID to each user instead. Our servers are in the EU. The user's face is blurred as soon as the video is uploaded. After measurement extraction, the video is deleted. The only things we store are body measurements and anonymous IDs.

Why don't you take photos of the users instead of a video?

Taking multiple photos of your body is a lengthy process. For our videos, you only have to spin around once. It takes around 7 seconds. Our unique technology allows us to process many frames, which means we have a 360° perspective on your body. Therefore, we can create an accurate 3D model with high robustness. This is not feasible with just one or two pictures.

How does integration work?

It's very easy and you don't need IT capacity or knowledge. We just implement an API with a few lines of code.

What product data do you need from the shop?

We will take anything you have, but even if you have very little or bad product data, we can make it work. We have an existing database of sizing data for many brands, and our recommendations are also based on user return behavior. Ideally, we would like product specific data, but more generic data also helps.

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