Our Vision

Presize’s vision is to bring one billion perfectly sized garments to shoppers by 2023 to benefit everyday shoppers, retailers, and our planet.

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Our Values

Excellence in what matters​

We are our greatest critics, and we are always willing to go the extra mile and beyond. Our intrinsic definition of done is “when I am proud of the outcome".

Focus on impact​

We strive to create maximum impact for our customers and our users. We try to always look at things from the user’s or the customer’s perspective.

Take ownership​

We feel responsible for the results we deliver. If there is an unsolved problem, we voluntarily and proactively solve the task – we do not wait for somebody else to do it for us.​​

Be open-minded

We trust in our abilities, respect different perspectives, and are open to trying new things. We care about who you are and the work you do. That‘s why we had 10 different nationalities among our first 15 hires, and we embrace the diversity that comes with it.​

Embrace failure​

We take calculated risks and accept that radical innovation is only possible through trial and error. We fail fast, get up again, and learn from our mistakes. Blaming others for failures is a “No-Go” for Presizers.

Seek growth​

We seek growth together and empower each other. We always try to learn and improve 1% every day. The only way to do that is by providing feedback to one another and helping others out.

Selected Advisors & Investors

Christina Rosenberg

ex-CEO of Hermès Paris GmbH, Supervisory Board HUGO BOSS Group

Chris Brenninkmeyer

ex-Director C&A Mode GmbH & Co. KG

Dr. Heiko Schäfer

COO HUGO BOSS Group, ex-CEO Tom Tailor Group

Carsten Maschmeyer

Judge on Die Höhle der Löwen, Founder Seed + Speed Ventures

Plug and Play

VC from Silicon Valley (Dropbox, PayPal, N26)

The founding team behind Presize

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Leon Szeli
Co-founder, CEO
Before Presize, Leon worked in HCI research at Stanford and Cambridge. He holds a B.A. from LMU, a M.Sc. from TUM and a Hons. from CDTM.
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Tomislav Tomov
Co-founder, CTO
Tomi is a tech addict and machine learning buff. He holds a M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence, and honors degree in Technology Management from TUM & CDTM.
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Awais Shafique
Co-founder, CPO
Awais is an award winning serial entrepreneur with a background in AI for medicine and electrical engineering, as well as tech management from CDTM. His true passion lies in creating products with a huge impact.

and 40+ Amazing and Dedicated Presizers

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David Oldéen
Sales Lead
David is leading our sales team and makes sure to fuel Presize's fast growth with exciting new partner shops. At the weekend you will probably not reach him on the phone, because he is in the mountains in the south of Munich.
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Ali Alagrami
Deep Learning Engineer
Ali is a Deep learning intern Engineer. He studied electronics, computer engineering, and artificial intelligence. In his spare time he's a philosophy and history buff, enjoys traveling and meeting new people from all walks of life.
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Qiao Qiao
3D Data Collection Engineer
Qiao is responsible for 3D data collection, processing and measurement extraction. In her free time, she enjoys rock climbing, hiking and travelling. Outdoor sport makes her feel full of energy!
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Samuel Metz
Account Manager
Samuel is our Account Manager. He is leading new customers through the entire integration process and thoroughly monitors their KPIs to assure we are living up to our high performance standards.
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Verena Steinacher
UX Writer
Verena is our UX Content Writer Working Student. With linguistic sensitivity, she's our mouthpiece to the world and ensures that our app is convenient to use and easy to understand. As a language passionist, she is especially excited about expanding our app to new languages.
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April Bachhuber
UX Researcher
April holds degrees in psychology (Ph.D. and M.Sc. from LMU; B.A. from U.Va.) and technology management and has also conducted research in psychology and HCI at Brown and QUT. She enjoys spending time in the garden with her husband and cat.
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Amelie Aschmann
HR & Recruiting
Amelie is our HR and Recruiting Working Student. She ensure we get the best candidates for our team and assists in improving the internal processes for all Presizers. She loves playing badminton, cooking and reading.
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Amy Kirsten
UX/UI Designer
Amy is one of our working students in UI/UX design and helps to design and test features within the app. She enjoys chilling with her dogs, expanding her jungle of indoor plants and meeting up with friends.
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Lukas Hiegemann
Sales Manager
Lukas is a passionate Triathlete and fashion enthusiast. He holds a M.Sc. in Economics & Management and has previously worked for Amazon and Nike.
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Nazim Mert Yilmaztürk
Data Engineer
Mert is pursing a M.Sc. in computer science at TUM striving to become the next generation computer vision / software expert. Two things he can’t live without: Rap and kebap.
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Magdalena Bachinger
Sales Manager
Magdalena is part of our Sales team specialized on the Body Measurements Solution. She’s closely working with our customers to find the perfect solution and communicating their needs to our developers to improve our solution even further.
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Arsalan Javed
Product Designer
Arsalan is a communications engineer, inventor and digital artist who has travelled all over the world to study design and human-machine interaction. He enjoys food and art and is fueled by new experiences.
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François Thibeau
Deep Learning Engineer
François is a Deep Learning Intern on the Size Recommendation Team. He leverages body measurements together with product data to recommend the best fitting clothing sizes. François loves to go hiking, skiing and exploring new places️.
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Jake Lydon
Lead Measurements Engineer
Jake is a deep learning and computer vision fanatic who loves research and pushing boundaries in the field. He is pursuing an M.Sc. in machine learning at Georgia Tech and enjoys playing/watching basketball and both kinds of football.
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George Stathis
Backend Software Engineer
George is a Backend Software Engineer, designing new APIs, managing databases and scaling services to support millions of requests. He loves solving twisty puzzles and enjoys exploring new places, sights and adventures in his city!
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Anees Tahir
Cloud Engineer
Anees is a cloud evangelist by choice and technology agnostic by nature. He is pursuing an M.Sc. degree from TUM, with a major in distributed systems, and previously worked for Amazon Web Services. He loves dogs and appreciates good memes.
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Kaan Bagci
Quality Assurance Engineer
Kaan is our Quality Assurance Engineer. He fiercely tests new features and customer integrations to ensure we deliver a world-class product to our users. Kaan loves watching films, playing the guitar, and making cocktails.

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