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The perfect fit with just one turn in front of your smartphone
Our Artificial Intelligence automatically creates a 3D model of the body and matches it to product data and user return behavior.
  • Fewer returns
  • Greater conversions
  • Personalized user experience based on the customer's perfect fit
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Why customers choose presize

Accurate & robust

Just like a professional tailor manually measuring you with tape

No downloads

100% web-based, everything happens in the browser – no mobile app

No hardware

Any smartphone does the job - say goodbye to expensive 3D scanners

No privacy violations

Faces are blurred, clothes are kept on, and videos are deleted after measurement extraction. No names are stored – just anonymous IDs

Easy integration

Integrable on any website with a few lines of code

Patent pending

Unique combination of speed, accuracy, and robustness

For Online Shops

Step 1

In the shop

The “Find Size” button is typically located next to the sizing options. When clicked, presize opens in a new tab.

Step 2

Just a few questions…

We ask the user four very basic questions.

Step 3

7-second video

We have a step by step visual and audio guide on how to take the perfect scan: users simply turn around in front of the smartphone camera, either solo, or with a friend.

Step 4

Back at the webshop

After one complete scan, the user is able to receive size recommendations for all products during their current and future webshop visits.

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For Online Tailors

Sell perfectly tailored shirts without manual measurements

No more lengthy and inaccurate self-measuring for your users – they get the perfect fit without leaving the comfort of their home. Tailors can finally focus on ecommerce and offer their services online without >50% returns.

  • Fewer returns ​
  • Higher conversions​
  • Fully digital with less room for human error ​
  • Unique customer experience with lock-in effect
  • Customer branded white-label solution
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Case Study: How reduced returns by 74%

Users take a 7-second smartphone scan while their measurements are recorded in the backend and displayed in a dashboard ready for the tailor to produce the client’s custom shirt.

For Workwear Companies

Tired of wasting both employee and customer time on sizing and fitting?

Our technology streamlines the fitting process for your sales people and empowers your customers by enabling them to quickly and easily find the correct sizes to order.

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Case Study: How Hoffmann uses presize to digitize their sales and fitting process

Our API seamlessly integrates within the existing Hoffmann sales mobile app and helps them sell the correct sizes for industrial and workwear clothing.

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